Deck Rebuild Project-Composite Decking-Improved Structure

Deck Rebuild Project-Composite Decking-Improved Structure

This project was pretty extensive.  The original deck had many issues that included:

  • Deck was tiled with ceramic tile which contributed to poor drainage issues and added excessive weight to the structure
  • Many deck and stair components were wrapped in vinyl which caused poor water drainage and rot to support structure
  • Deck was constructed with interior nails which were all rusted extensively
  • Stair case foundation was poorly constructed and rotting, it wobbled terribly and it only had 2 stringers holding up steps

This deck was improved by:

  • Removal of all tile, backboard and existing deck boards – 3 tons of weight according to the transfer station scales
  • Additional support joists added to deck structure and composite decking installed
  • Stair case was completely demolished and re-built properly with improved foundation and better support structure
  • Under deck drainage system added for proper drainage into gutters (not yet installed as of this post)

Stair Supports will all be stained white to match railing, not done in these photos.

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